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Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)

Less Pain, Fewer Injuries, Stronger Muscles

Muscle Activation Technique: A better approach to fitness

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“Six years prior to meeting Brad, I was having ongoing neck pain. I was waking up almost every hour due to the discomfort of the pain. The loss of sleep was causing me to be irritable with my family and affecting my ability to be focused at work. I had numbness down my right ar and hand and had trouble rotating my head without excruciating pain. The limited range of motion in my neck even made the simple tasks of driving difficult. My doctor referred me to physical therapy which gave me very little relief.

I was referred to Brad by a friend who had been treated by him and thought that he might be able to help. Since receiving MAT, the range of motion in my neck has been almost fully restored, the pain is almost completely gone, and I haven’t had the numbness down my right arm and hand since. It wasn’t until the pain was almost completely gone that I realized how much of my daily life was affected by my injury.”

Greg Campbell
Age 45



“After living a life dominated by excessive and brutally intense strength training, I was left severely injured and immobilized. Perplexed doctors and failed therapy attempts left me feeling hopeless that my neck, back and knee injuries would heal. With a bit of skepticism, I turned to Brad and MAT. Hobbling into our first session with extreme knee pain, swelling and impairment, Brad assessed my condition and knew just what I needed. His wisdom, intuitive insight and technical expertise changed my life! I left the office that day with minimal pain, increased knee mobility and strength.

Further MAT sessions have brought continued healing to my injuries. Even more, Brad has guided me into a whole new approach to exercise, fitness, health and well-being – an approach that will serve me well the rest of my life!”

Khara Shanchuk
age 30